Bandung Tour on Bus (Bandros) – How to Book the City’s Tour Bus

Being launched for the first time in 2014, the Bandung tour on bus or Bandros, has become people’s public transportation for tourists who visit the city. Since the first day of operation, the bus has been chosen by most tourists to stroll around Bandung. So, how to book the tour bus and how much you should pay for it? Get to know everything about the city’s tour bus of Bandung in this following article.

What Tour Bus Is It?

As the name suggests, Bandung tour on bus is special transportation provided by the government of Bandung to accommodate people who want to go around the city. The bus is initiated by the city government along with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This is a wonderful vehicle that you can use either in a group or private. One of the most interesting about the bus is that it comes with a unique design. It has eye-catching bright colors of red, blue, and yellow to attract tourist attention. The bus comes with a standard model. It is a terraced vehicle (no level) with an open top. The tour bus has a capacity of 30 to 40 people for each ride. There are only 6 long chairs you can find inside the bus. You can also find a balcony to make it possible for you to stand while riding the bus and enjoying the city. Several shuttles used for the bus includes Taman Cibeunying, Alun-Alun Bandung, and Taman Pustaka Bunga. But now, you can find the shuttle bus on Aceh Street where Bandung historical park located.

How to Book the Tour Bus?

However, you can’t use Bandros every day since it is only operated every Saturday to Thursday. You can enjoy the bus ride from 10 am to 3 pm. The ticket for the bus can be bought at Bandros bus station for 10,000 IDR. You can find the bus station behind the iconic Gedung Sate of Taman Kandaga Puspa. For individuals who want to take the bus can make a reservation via phone. You can also come directly to the Bandros office on Indramayu no. 66, Antapani. You will get the schedule and number of seats as the reply mpvholiday. You also need to take the same procedure if you want to the bus ride on a group. You can make a phone call or come to the Bandung tour on bus office for reservation. For the group bus tour of 40 people, you will be required to pay for 800,000 IDR.